Get prepared for Holland!

  • Watch a video on The Netherlands and the Dutch culture
  • Then answer the questions based on the video here
  • If you want to find out more about the country, have a look at
  • Dutch language is related with English, German and Swedish. Watch the video and learn a couple of Basic Dutch phrases . Now it is already time for some more advanced Dutch
  • Our partner school is located in a small city in the westernmost province of the country, which is called Zeeland. Check the location on the map. Find out about the province and the city of Goes and after that answer a couple of questions here

  • The Dutch people are enthusiastic cyclists, watch the video on Biking in Holland.  The following video describes the cycling facilities of Goes and you can also spot the huge cycle parking place of our partner school: Goes, Candidate Cycling city 2016

  • Finally, have a look at the web-page of our partner school  Pontes Lyceum